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Industry Professionals

Jeanne Erwin, Director of Business Development


As an experienced Director of Business Development, my firm, International Business Consulting, LLC specializes in finding the right client mix to exceed business and revenue objectives.  Our Business Resource Teams find new revenue generating opportunities, provide strategic management to help your operations generate new business, and work towards maximizing profits by building new markets. 


We create solid long-term relationships with clients and internal team members, while collaborating on multiple organizational levels. Using detailed market research to find new opportunities, our Resource Team will help your operations find the right mix of business to maximize profits, develop marketing plans and successful business strategies to improve performance and productivity for various industries.

Kim Sawyer, Executive & Enterprise Coach


Kim Sawyer comes to the Enterprise Coaching Group and International Business Consulting, LLC with over twenty years of diverse business experience; he has started businesses, led companies, and been involved in almost every aspect of a business enterprise. Kim’s professional mission is to integrate the development of emotional, relational and business competencies to enhance bottom line performance.


To achieve his mission, he has created a diverse set of proprietary tools for responding to often daunting challenges and changes. Kim is known for challenging and guiding people to consider new perspectives, alternate ways of thinking and innovative actions. He coaches from the larger context of the client system, integrating considerations of the team and organization and engaging team members and chain of command in the process and successful outcome of the coaching.

Clive Drake, Director of International Operations, EU

Experienced Manager & Director - Specializing in Telecoms, Manufacturing & US Export. Author of crime thrillers.

Colchester, United Kingdom    US Export Consultant to British Companies


Clive Drake, Director of International Operations for International Business Consulting, LLC, started a new and specialized Consultancy, - to assist companies wishing to export their products and services to the USA. In the post Brexit era, this market has considerable potential for UK manufacturers. 


Clive's primary skills center around two principles; Value and Relationships.

His main focus is to build value in everything he does, as a business owner or consultant. Clive's simple philosophy; build value and profits routinely follow. Relationships are key areas of business management. Firstly, relationship with customers. Secondly with staff and colleagues. Thirdly with suppliers – an area often neglected. Clive engages all three within a business consultancy, management and commercial strategy to help companies thrive in a new world economy.

Lena Machado, International Sales Consultant

Director of Sales with over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing seeking a position in the hospitality industry. Lena has proven organizational skills with excellent customer service experiences and outstanding ability to manage and work with foreign culture and customs.  Lena also has an exceptional track record in generating sales leads and closures.

Lena Machado has experience, business resources and client background in Brasil, Mexico and Central America.  With vast experience working with C-Suite and executive level decision makers, Lena communicates well with oil and gas and chemical manufacturing, multi-national corporate clientele.

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Jeanne Erwin, Director of Business Development

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