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We are International Business Consulting, LLC, a global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.


With experience and specialized skills across industries and business functions, International Business Consulting, LLC works at the crossroads of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.  IBC drives innovation thru digital transformation to improve the way the our clients grow business and value.

International Business Consulting, LLC provides business management consulting services in process improvement, business plans for profit, marketing plans and action plans for measurable results for manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, technology and retail operations. 

Our Consultants Provide the following Business Growth Strategies:

  • Sales & Marketing Consulting Services

    • Marketing Strategy

    • 18 Month Marketing Plans​​

    • Industry Specific Marketing Plans

    • E-Commerce Platform Recommendations

  • Business Management Consulting Services

    • Business Plans​ for Funding

    • Start Up and Product Expansion Research

    • Business Disruption Strategy

    • Forecasting & Budgeting, short term and long term

    • Safe Work Space Operations Planning

  • Technology Consulting Services

    • Digital Transformation Strategies​

    • Unique E-Commerce Platform for Passive Income

    • Optimization of operations through digital analytics platform

    • IOT Based Access Management System

    • Document Management and Asset Management

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Contracting & Consulting

  • Import / Export Strategy and Business Expansion Planning

  • Process Improvement

  • Contract Negotiations for Win-Win Business Agreements

We provide experienced project teams for companies in manufacturing, oil and gas related, engineering firms, construction and logistics. With virtual and on-site solutions for custom digital transformations, safe workspace, process controls supply chain and procurement, enterprise management, sales and marketing strategy and success,  we provide a targeted, cost effective approach for companies restarting their operations.   

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Jeanne Erwin

Director of Business Development

International Business Consulting, LLC


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Our Services

Our Professional Resource Team will help improve your operations, find the right mix of business to maximize profits, develop marketing plans and successful business strategies to improve performance and productivity for various industries.


Sales & Marketing Solutions

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • New Business Development

  • Key Account Management

  • Contract Development / Negotiations

  • Forecasting / Opportunity Marketing



  • Efficient Plant Start Up 

  • Operations Efficiency Services

  • Business Disruption Strategy

  • Cost Control / Containment

  • Operational Management

  • HR Resources

  • Cost Effective Labor Management

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Business Disruption Strategy

  • Accounting Controls

  • Operational Management

  • RFP & Vendor Compliance

  • Cost Containment

  • Long Term Strategic Planning

International Markets

  • How to Grow Globally

  • Key Markets including

  • Brazil, Central America

  • Canadian Resources

  • Contract Development / Negotiations

  • Supply Chain Management 

  • Logistics Support

  • Tariffs & Applicable Government Requirements

Project Solutions

  • 3 month, 6 month, 12 month Project Team Support

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Target Marketing Plans

  • Monthly Ongoing Video Support Options

  • Business ReStart Planning

  • New Project Development Planning

Support Consulting

  • Custom  Business Development Support

  • Weekly Video Conferencing

  • Bi-Weekly Accurate Reporting and Status Updates

  • Online Resources to help your business grow

  • Opportunities to Market Your Business thru our Resource Team

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