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Business Consulting, LLC?


We have a unique combination of Industry professionals with over 40 years’ experience in working for, and with, multi-national corporations in the United States and Europe.

International Business Consulting (IBC), has the resource expertise to look at ways to find new revenue opportunities, provide strategic management to help your operations generate new business, improve efficiencies and work towards maximizing profits by building new markets.  


IBC’s unique aspect to supporting US businesses, includes “bookending” exports from the US to Europe and conversely, Europe to the US. This means local expertise supporting both exporter – and the importer, ranging from distribution, sales and marketing support, and post sales warranty management. 


We develop long-term relationships with clients and their management team(s), working together to find new business - sales and marketing opportunities, or recycle novelty and refresh existing products and services.


Our team includes professionals with over 40 + years’ experience in on-site Plant Operations Management, Strategic Business Planning, Supply Chain Logistics & Management, Commercial Partnership Initiation and Management, within the global marketplace.


We offer complete flexibility, from a “one-off” strategic business review to short, medium – even long term turnkey commercial contracts. This is supported by monthly, even weekly if so required, accountability reporting, delivered by a dedicated consultant to your chosen program. 

Our Goal at International Business Consulting is to help your company grow and stay successful, profitable, reaching new markets, safely and strategically.   


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