In Memory of Those We Love....On Memorial Day and Every Day.

Memorial Day is a very difficult time for many people. This year, we remember those amazing people, our family and friends, neighbors and strangers who have been there for us. This year is even more difficult, as we remember smiles of friends and family from the last few months.

Thank You to all the First Responders and Health Care Professionals and Our Military Heros for all you do, Every Day.

This is not our first challenge, nor will it be our last. Thank You to all people around the world for Taking Care of Your Families, Your Friends and Neighbors and Those In Need.

We will all get thru this together.

Our thoughts and prayers are for a safe, happier world for everyone. Remember those who have gone before us.

Peaceful Memorial Day for all.

Jeanne Erwin

International Business Consulting, LLC

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