Is Your Business Ready?

Is Your Company Ready to Run the New Race? As companies restart their operations, with new social distancing requirements & strict safety protocols, is your company ready to Run the New Race? Is your team ready to succeed in New Normal Environment? How is your current Supply Chain; is it local or regional? Is your marketing & business operations on point to finish strong? Is your Covid-19 Business Interruption Plan Ready to Go to keep your employees safe and motivated? We Can Help. International Business Consulting, LLC, helps companies Restart, Redirect and Refocus back to more profitable operations. We provide experienced project teams for manufacturing companies in chemical and manufacturing, oil and gas related, engineering firms, construction and logistics. With virtual and on-site solutions for safe workspace, process controls and management, strategy and success, we provide a targeted, cost effective approach for companies restarting their operations. Ask about our Work Safe Back to Business kit with Social Distancing posters, floor decals, Work Safe Checklists & Capabilities Assessment Survey to help your team get ready for the New Race. Thank you for your future business. Jeanne Erwin

Director of Business Development

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Jesse Owens wins Olympic Gold at the 1938 Olympics in Germany. Imagine the challenges he faced to run the race.

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